The Mission

The mission of TLC International School (TLC) is to provide a high-quality educational program that maximizes students’ intellectual and personal potential. The TLC community of staff, parents, and students has the joint aim of developing life-long learners with an appreciation of diverse cultures.

TLC Beliefs

The TLC International School is an international community providing a high quality American-Style education for students. We believe:

  • Every day presents a new opportunity for growth for students and teachers.
  • Every student makes his or her contributions to the classroom each day using his or her own talents and abilities.
  • A teacher serves as a catalyst and it is the students that make the change.
  • Small steps today can become massive steps in the future.
  • We should be teaching our students how to deal with mistakes and failure because it is a reality in life.
  • Empowered students are successful learners.
  • Maintaining a balanced life-style helps to attain desired life goals.
  • Trust and respect are requirements for effective communication and learning.
  • Every student has strengths and weaknesses; recognizing that is the key to learning.
  • When students take initiative, new learning opportunities present themselves.
  • Practice opens you up to exceed your previous potential.
  • When students believe in themselves, they can achieve their goals.