Science Fair, grades 4-8 – April 13, 3:30-6:30
Earth Week Celebrated- April 10-14
Spring Break – April 15-23
Career Fair- May 5
Spelling Bee for grades 1-8 (rules and word lists already sent home with your child) – May 3 and 10

From the Office
Dear Families,
It is hard to believe that our final trimester of the year is well underway. We are currently purchasing supplies, organizing classrooms, and hiring staff for next school year. For this reason, it is very important that we know which students will be returning to TLC in September. A letter went home to each family (an electronic version is also attached) asking if you will be returning to TLC. We are asking that this letter be returned no later than May 5. All families have also received an abbreviated copy of the Tuition and Fee Policy (a copy is attached). This Policy has not changed; what has changed is that we are now asking each family to sign it and return it to the office no later than May 5. We have translated the Policy so that it should be clear for all families. We encourage you to come and ask for clarification if necessary.
There are a lot of activities coming up before the end of the year. The TLC Science Fair for students in grades 4-8 is being held on April 13. All families are welcome to come and see the students in these grades present their science topics.
We are also in the process of planning a Career Fair for the students on May 5. We are looking for professionals in all areas of society to come to speak to the students about their jobs. If you are interested in presenting about your career or if you know of someone who may be interested, please contact the office at
TLC staff and students have been great community helpers over the last few weeks. Thank you to the staff, students, and parents who allowed their children to assist in volunteering at the Starkey Hearing Clinic. The students worked long hours, but were an important part of the clinic, working as translators and assistants. TLC also hosted a Sports Day organized by Ms. Pat and Mr. Nick. The Sports day was held last Saturday for Madam Diallo’s Orphanage and was a huge success! Along with helping out their community it is wonderful to see the students learn the joy of volunteering!
إعلان وتذكير
معرض العلوم: من الصف 4 حتى 8 يوم 13 من ابريل الساعة 3:30- 6:00
العطلة من 15 حتى 23
معرض الوظائف: 5 من مايو
مسابقة التهجئة: لطلاب الصف 1 حتى 8 (قواعد المسابقة والكلمات تم إرسالها مع الطلاب) يومي 3 و 10 من مايو

من الإدارة
أعزائي آباء التلاميذ

يمر الثلث الاخير من السنة الدراسية بشكل جيد وقد بدأنا التحضير للسنة الدراسية المقبلة من شراء مستلزمات الدراسة والتعاقد مع اساتذة ولهذا السبب من المهم معرفة الطلاب الذين ينوون البقاء هنا في المدرسة. تم إرسال استمارة مع الطلاب الى كل اسرة ( الملف المرفق) نود من خلالها معرفة الطلاب الباقون هنا في المدرسة فيرجى إعادتها قبل 5 من مايو. تم كذالك إرسال ملخص حول قوانين دفع الرسوم المدرسية . بقيت هذه القوانين كما هي لاكن نود من كل اسرة توقيع الورقة وإعادتها خلال اجل اقصاه 5 من مايو. لقد تم ترجمة هذه الورقة الي اللغة الفرنسية ليتمكن الجميع من قراءتها ونود منكم إذا كان لديكم اي استفسار القدوم للمدرسة ومناقشته.

لدينا الكثير من الأنشطة والفعاليات قبل نهاية السنة ومن بين تلك الفعاليات معرض للعلوم لطلاب الصف 4 حتى 8 يوم 13 من ابريل. نرحب بجميع الاسر للقدوم ومشاهدة تقديم الطلاب للبحوث.

نحن كذالك في صدد تنظيم معرض للمهن يوم 5 من مايو ونود من جميع المهنيين (اصحاب الاختصاصات والوظائف المختلفة) القدوم وشرح طبيعة مهنهم للطلاب فإذا كنتم تودون القدوم او لديكم شخص يود ذالك يرجى الإتصال بالمدرسة عبر البريد الإلكتروني

Ms. Pat’s class has enjoyed exploring and using a variety of play tools. We explored through a lot of role play: we took turns pretending to be doctors using our doctor’s play kit, being a mechanic using our toy tools to fix our toy cars that were broken, and being carpenters by fixing our broken toy table, chairs and our doll house. We also enjoyed painting with old toothbrushes and danced to music by using spoons, pots and pans from our kitchen tools. We will continue to learn using different tools especially our writing tools to color, draw and scribble. This week we have introduced a new theme: Eco-Exploring with the topics: The Earth, Weather, Creatures and their habitats and being Green. We look forward to learning exciting things about where we live. We will also learn the numbers 8 and 9, the color, Purple and the Oval Shape. We are asking parents to please send in a plain white t-shirt for their child for Monday April 10, 2017; you do not have to buy a new one, any used one that still looks good will be just fine. Your child will draw and write on this t-shirt at school and we will keep it in the class and use it for different activities; it will be brought back home when we are done with the activities at school. Thank you.
Ms. Pat

In Pre kindergarten we finished up our theme, “Make it, Build it”. The children enjoyed building with blocks and creating pictures with shapes. We also learned the song, “We rAe Shapes” and discussed how we can see shapes everywhere. Our new theme for this month is “Let’s Explore”. The children will explore the natural world using the scientific process. They will experiment with natural material such as stones, leaves and water. They will also learn how to measure, weigh and sort things. They ask questions and figure out how to answer them. They will also learn the numbers 10 and 11 through many different activities and continue reviewing all the colors and shapes learned. In Science, the children will use their observation skills to explore how animals use camouflage to hide through our poster “Animals Camouflage”. The children are learning the letter Vv with the sound it makes and exploring words that start with it. They are also reviewing all the letters learned so far. Additionally, they are learning the opposites Heavy and Light. We would like to thank all the parents for donating and attending our market. Thank you so much for your great help and support.
Have a great weekend!
Ms. Fatiha


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hello! I hope everyone is doing fine. It is time again to update all of you about the recent activities and lessons we have learned. Yahoo!! We finished all of our Letter People! I am really happy to see everyone’s improvement since the first day of school, especially on reading! Everyone knows how to read! Please keep encouraging your children to read and practice their writing at home. Let them write a story for you; you can give them a specific topic like Spoon and Fork. It will not only help them with writing, but it will also widen their imagination and thinking as well. Thank you for preparing healthy foods for your children; I have seen a variety of nutritious foods during snack and lunch time. Earth Week is coming! In the Kindergarten class,we have different activities each day for the upcoming Earth Week. One of our activities is pillow making out of chips or cupcake wrappers. If you have empty snack/chip plastic wrappers at home, please wash them and let your child bring them to school. After Earth Week we have Spring Break! Please make sure that your child will keep on practicing his/her reading and writing at home. Here is a list of lessons and activities we have done these past weeks:

– Learned about Mr.Q(Question), and Mr.X(Different)
– Learned about their song and sound
– Read decodable books: A Quiz,Am I like Max?,and What a mix up!
– Reviewed Letter People we have studied (Songs and sounds)Q/kw/and X/ks/
– Learned words with initial and ending Qq and Xx e.g. (queen,box,fox)
– Practiced how to make a sentence using words with Qq and Xx
– Learned how to write and identify Uppercase and lowercase Qq and Xx
– Learned about question marks
– Learned when to use Who,What,Where,When,Why and How

– Addition that represents numbers with objects and shapes
– Recognized a quarter
– Recognized coins and their value
– Understood the differences of objects and shapes
– Explored and comparing symmetry
– Explored graphic differences
– Explored and identifying Mauritanian Ouguiya

– Identified quick and quiet animals
– Learned how a seed travels
– Learned that no two fingerprints are alike
– Learned about upside down animals

– General fitness
– Stretching
– Football
– Hula hoop

Social Studies and Art
– Learned to make a question poster
-Learned about the wind
– Explored and asked questions about the map
– Explored how we are alike and different
– Understood the good thing about differences
– Learned about individual’s similarities and differences
– Explored how to accept and like ourselves

Thank you for entrusting your children to TLC International School. You will be hearing from us again soon in the upcoming newsletter. Have a nice a day!


Grade 1

Dear Parents,

During Earth Week, the first graders are invited to visit a farm and learn about gardening on April 12, at 8:30am. In order to make the field trip a success we would need drivers with working seatbelts to ensure that all of the students can participate. The field trip will give the students a better understanding of the importance of caring about our Earth.

In Social Studies, the first graders will be focusing on goods and services. We will also be discussing about the needs and wants of the Earth since Earth week is fast approaching. The students will be able to make a connection between what they have been learning in social studies and Earth week. You can also help by having a discussion with your child about ways to keep the Earth clean, and a safe place to live.

In Reading and Spelling, we are currently learning about compound words, and the students have been practicing reading compound words in their stories. Please make sure your child reads the stories. The stories are sent home every day. This will help your child’s reading skills. The students will also be having their spelling test on Friday, April 7th. There are many fun ways to help your child study the spelling words at home such as: painting the words with their fingers, writing the words on the sand, organizing a spelling bee at home with the family, and so much more. Be creative and make learning fun for your child!

In Grammar, the students are currently learning about adjectives that tell how many. The students are also applying their grammar skills in their writing. The students continue to work on writing pieces and have been applying the writing process as well as applying writing strategies taught in the classroom such as sentence starters (builders): First, Next, Then, and Last. Write On!

In Math, the first graders are focusing on fractions and continue to practice telling and using time. We have been doing a lot of centers and using math manipulatives in order to review chapters taught and to reinforce what they are currently learning.

Thank you,
Ms. Celine

Grade 2

During Mathematics’ classes, we are studying three-digit numbers using addition and subtraction and reinforcing it all with lots of problem-solving exercises. Our students should soon be able to use hundreds, tens and units confidently solving problems in the real world.
In Language Arts we are continuing to focus on developing our reading skills where we read daily in our differentiated reading groups. Please remind your child they should be reading 20 minutes daily as part of their homework.
During creative writing we continue to write in our journals and are learning to use a range of adjectives to describe the world around us.
In Science we are studying the topic of balance and motion. This includes looking at forces all around us and the role of gravity.
In PE classes we are continuing to further our sporting skills using a variety of different objects including skipping ropes, hoops and balls. We are participating in lots of kickball and baseball games which helps to promote team-building and sportsmanship skills in our students.

Thank You,
Mr. Nick
Grade 3

Dear Parents,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the students in third grade who are keeping up with their IXL assignments. More students have been trying harder in IXL recently.

In Language Arts we learned about subject and object pronouns last week and will start with possessive pronouns this week. In spelling we have been learning about consonant sounds /j/ and /k/ and will start with suffixes -ly, -ful, -ness and -less next week. We have started Wordly Wise lesson 5.

In Math we finished our geometry chapter and we have started a new chapter this week about fractions. We will be learning about equal parts of a whole and equivalent fractions.

In Social Studies, we introduced Ancient Egypt as a civilization that grew along the Nile River. Students learned about the Nile River and its yearly flooding that supplied the Egyptians with fertile soil. We have started with geography and will soon move into pharaohs and pyramids.

Students are assigned spelling and math homework every day, and sometimes grammar. Part of this homework is also reading and practicing IXL online. Please, encourage your child to read every day to meet their reading month goal. As usual, IXL tasks will be assigned on Mondays and students will have a whole week to complete these, and it will be graded as part of their weekly homework. Thank you for all your support!

Ms. Patricia

Grades 4/5

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I hope all is well. Here is an academic update for Grades 4/5.
The recent lessons focused on making, analyzing, and interpreting graphs. A test involving line graphs was given recently on 03 April. We will return to lessons on graphs in the very near future. We are currently focusing on telling time and elapsed time.
Language Arts
We recently completed lessons involving rewriting sentences using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. A test was given recently concluding this lesson. Short stories are still the focus for reading comprehension where we read and discuss the material we are covering; upon completion, reading comprehension questions are given. Wordly Wise lessons and activities are an ongoing part of the curriculum; a test on lesson 11 was given recently. Lastly, handwriting activities are a continued activity taking place this trimester.

The Physics of Sound science lessons, activities, and assignments are ongoing.
Please check RenWeb for all academic results.
Mr. Gaston

Grades 5/6
Dear Parents,
The month of March has been a very busy month for the students! They have been working tirelessly on their Science Fair projects. Each week, they had to turn in assignments leading up to their projects, and I am happy to say that they are all finally ready to present their hard work on Science Fair Day. This will take place on Thursday, April 13th, 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Please join us in celebrating your child’s work on this exciting day!
Language Arts
In Grammar, students have been working on singular and plural possessive nouns and have learned about possessive pronouns this week. They now know how to use and identify the apostrophes in both plural and singular nouns. In writing, students have been learning how to put together a rich and cohesive research paper and using the scientific method to help guide their research paper for their science project. In reading, the class is now in the third chapter of the whole class novel called, Freedom Crossing by Margaret Goff Clark, a story about the Underground Railroad and a friendship between a runaway slave and a girl whose family is helping fugitives escape to Canada during the slavery era in the U.S.

Social Studies
Students continue to learn about the Ancient Empire of Mali and its history. They have been working with Mr. Jimmy, the IT instructor, to create a Power Point presentation on their individual area of focus on the study of the Empire. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about Power Point and the many ways they can present research work. Thus far, students have mainly been using posters to present their research work in social studies. However, they are excited by this latest study of using Power Point to enhance their presentations and to integrate technology within their unit of study.
In Math, Grade 5 students are now learning about Polygons and how to identify and classify various shapes. Having completed their unit on angles and measuring angles in line segments, students are now ready to distinguish between various shapes and the relationship between their line segments and various properties. Grade 6 students have been learning about ratios and rates, and the difference between the two terminologies. They now know how to compare two sets of units that are similar (using ratios), as well as two units that are different (using rates). They have been using fractions in their lowest terms to identify the rates and ratios of certain given objects in math problems.
In Science, students have been very busy preparing for their Science Fair. They have learned a lot of important and valuable information regarding science projects and how to go about creating a comprehensive project. For most of them, this is their first time doing an in-depth science project, and it was a challenging ordeal for them. However, they were able to roll up their sleeves and rise to the challenge. They are looking forward to sharing their hard work with all of you at the Science Fair next week: Thursday.
Ms. Dibba

Grades 7/8

Greetings from Middle School! Our students are preparing to present their Science Fair projects and have been hard at work preparing for their presentations.
In Social Studies, the students are learning about the path to independence in the African Colonies, and each student is researching a specific country’s path to independence.
In English and Language Arts, the students are working on analyzing and writing poems that use figurative language to convey theme.

Mr. Schilling

Both 7th and 8th grade students have just finished their chapter 8 test and are now beginning chapter 9.
In 7th grade, chapter 9 focuses on integers. Section 9A is about the basic properties of integers and using integers to represent real-life quantities. Section 9B is about operations with integers. Students learned to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers. They will soon start quiz 9A.
In 8th grade, chapter 9 covers area and volume. In section 9A, students learned about perimeter, area, and surface area of prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, etc. They also dilated rectangles and predicted their perimeter and area. Section 8B is about volume of various figures. Students learned to dilate regular prisms and predict their volume.
Ms. Ba

High School

One more week until Spring Break! Until then, there is still lots of work to be done. Here are some of the things the high school students will be doing.
Physical & Earth Sciences: Waves: sound waves and electromagnetic waves, frequencies, amplitudes and speeds, compression, rarefaction, refraction, diffraction and interference
Biology: arthropods: insects, crustaceans and arachnids, echinoderms and invertebrate chordates
Physics: electrostatics, electric charge, electric fields, and electrical potential energy
Precalculus: trigonometric graphs and equations: periodic variations, graphing by ordinates, solution sets, inverse trigonometric functions
Advance Placement English Literature & Composition: Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman
Mr. Chidester

Hello Parents,

The students did commendable work the past week and a half with Starkey International. I have received a lot of positive feedback from everyone involved. It also pleases me to see our students so ecstatic about volunteering their time and energies for a great cause. This is a wonderful quality that should continue to be nurtured and encouraged.

I have noticed quite a bit of our students coming to school while sick. For the sake of the classroom environment as well as the health of your child, please encourage your child to stay home if they are sick: call in to the school, and provide a doctor’s note where required. There is little more painful for me as a teacher than to see sick students putting in hard hours of study when they should be home resting. Nothing is more important than their health.

SAT’s are once again coming up in May. Please continue to offer up encouragement and support to your child if he/she is preparing for what can be a very stressful test. Thank you for the support and enjoy the break!

Mr. Porras

Dear Parents,
In Geometry, students have just finished unit 4 on solid and three-dimensional geometry and are currently working on the fourth evaluation. They will soon start progress test 2.
In Algebra 2, students have just submitted their third evaluation. They started chapter 10 on quadratic equations and functions, where they will learn about graphing and solving quadratic equations and inequalities using the quadratic formula and factoring.
In Sociology, students finished unit 2 which focused on the individual in society. Students are currently working on their second evaluation and first project. They will soon start unit 3 on social inequality. Unit 3 explores issues like social stratification, racial and ethnic relations, gender, age, and health.

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