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Through our elementary grades at TLC International School, we develop appropriate abilities and skills in subject areas by implementing hands-on activities and cooperative learning in order to enhance successful growth.

Our Language Arts program is composed of reading, spelling, grammar, writing, handwriting and vocabulary. In all grades, students work in differentiated learning centers based on their reading and writing abilities. Novel units are used to help students with reading and comprehension skills. Throughout the elementary grades, students build up on their writing skills, from composing basic sentences in kindergarten to producing their own comprehensive pieces of creative writing in fifth grade.

Our Mathematics program starts with basic mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction and progresses to more complex problem solving and critical thinking. Multiplication and division are introduced in second grade and used in third grade to solve everyday problems. Fractions, measuring units, and place value exercises increase in difficulty through the elementary grades.

In Science, we follow the Foss Kit curriculum which focuses on different themes throughout the trimester. First graders work on Solids and Liquids, and Pebbles and Silt. In second grade, students focus on Air and Weather, and Balance and Motion. In third grade, students learn about Earth Materials and Sun, Moon and Planets. In fourth and fifth grade, students learn about Water, Physics of Sound, and the Human Body. The Foss Kit provides a hands-on opportunity for teachers and students and promotes collaborative learning in groups. Our primary goal in science is to promote interest and enthusiasm in scientific methods and discovery so that our students become life-long learners.

Our Social Studies incorporates Community and Diversity as well as Wants and Needs in first grade, Maps and Globes Cultural Geography in second grade, Immigration and Ancient Egypt in third grade, and Mauritania and Women in fourth and fifth grade.

All of our areas of study follows the curriculum based on AERO Standards. All teachers and staff work together at TLC to help our students achieve the necessary skills to connect what they learn on a daily basis to the real world.