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Theresa Eno, Director

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: 12 years
Teaching Experience: 12 years
Degree: MA, Education
Theresa Eno is one of the founders as well as the Director of TLC International School (TLC). Previous to opening TLC,  Ms. Eno worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nouadhibou, Mauritania for two years. Following her work in Peace Corps she worked for five years as an International Trade Analyst for the International Executives Service Corps based out of Washington, D.C. Since opening TLC in September of 2006 Ms. Eno has worked as a classroom teacher for kindergarten and second grade during five school years as well as being the Assistant/Co Director for six years and Director for five years. Ms. Eno has a BA in Economics and International business and an MA in Education with a special focus on curriculum development.

Sophia Soldana, Assistant Director

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: 10 years
Teaching Experience: 10+ years
Degree: BA, Education
Ms. Soldana is originally from Chicago in the United States and has lived and worked on five different continents. She has a BA in education and has over 10 years of teaching experience internationally. She has taught multiple subjects from grades 1-8, 11 and 12, has been Middle School coordinator for two years, and has served as Assistant Director for one year. Ms. Soldana has been a member of organizations that focus on community building such as AmeriCorps and America Reads. This is Ms. Soldana’s tenth year with TLC.

Patricia Ekeng, Preschool Teacher

Country of Origin: Nigeria
Years at TLC: 6 years
Teaching Experience: 6 years
Degree: BA, Business Administration and Management
Patricia Ekeng was born and raised in Nigeria. She studied Business Administration and Management in western Nigeria. She taught in a nursery school in Nigeria from 1995-1997. She also taught Business, Home Economics, Drama/Theater and Sewing to middle and high school students in eastern Nigeria during her National Youth Service Corps 2003-2004 and on her own for three more years before relocating to Mauritania. She has been with TLC since 2011.

Fatiha Ridal, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Country of Origin: Morocco
Years at TLC: 11 years
Teaching Experience: 14 years
Degree: BA, English Literature
Fatiha is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher. She has a degree in English literature. She is from Meknes, Morocco and has been working at TLC International School for the past 11 years. She taught in Morocco for two years and in Tunisia for one year. She also worked in an art school for two years. She believes in hands-on, play-based learning for Pre-K, and she teaches using games and active learning. She absolutely loves teaching and loves children.

Hannah Teye, Kindergarten Grade Teacher

Country of Origin:Ghana
Years at TLC: 3 years
Teaching Experience: 5 years
Degree: Educational certificates
Ms. Hannah is originally from Ghana. She has multiple education and caregiver certificates. She was a headmistress for a school in Ghana and taught Pre-K and Kindergarten for five years. She has been assisting the kindergarten class for three years at TLC.

Joyce Montealto, 1st Grade Teacher

Country of Origin: Philippines
Years at TLC: 3 years
Teaching Experience: 4 years
Degree: BA, Elementary Education
Ms. Joyce is originally from the Philippines. She has a bachelors degree in elementary education and is a licensed caregiver. She has previous experience in the hospitality industry in the Philippines. This is her third year at TLC.

Nicole Brenner, 2nd Grade Teacher

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: First year
Teaching Experience: 2 years
Degree:BS, International and Community Development; Intercultural Studies
Ms. Nicole is originally from Southern California.  Following school, she returned to California teaching in an After-school Program and volunteering at a Health Clinic before joining the Peace Corps.  She was a Youth Development Volunteer with the Peace Corps for two years in Morocco.  After a year in America, she returned to Morocco to teach at Amicitia American School Fes for two years as a Kindergarten Teacher.  Nicole started teaching 2nd Grade at TLC this year.

Magdalena Paslay, 3rd Grade Teacher

Country of Origin: German
Years at TLC: First year
Teaching Experience: 4 years
Degree: M.Ed. (majors: English, Geography), M.A. German as a Foreign Language
Magdalena was born and raised in Germany. She started and finished her Masters of Education for middle and high school students at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. She has interned at several German elementary, middle and high schools and at an American Middle School in Idaho, where she taught Language Arts and Special Education. Magda started teaching third grade at TLC this year.

Cristina Mireles, 4th/5th Grade Teacher

Country of Origin: Mexico
Years at TLC: First year
Teaching Experience: 10 years
Degree: Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies
Cristina is originally from Mexico. She attended an international school from nursery all the way to her senior year of high school; this allowed her to understand the importance of respect and tolerance, and the eagerness to travel around the world. She earned her undergraduate degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico, and her master’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from The State University of New York. She has worked for almost ten years now with students from different age ranges in different private and international schools in Mexico and Venezuela.

Faldie Solomon, Middle School Math/Science Teacher

Country of Origin:South Africa
Years at TLC:First year
Teaching Experience: 16 years
Degree: BA, Islamic Studies and Arabic
Mr. Solomon was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, where he studied Islamic Studies and Arabic. He has sixteen years of teaching experience. Before coming to TLC in 2017, he taught Elementary and Middle School Social Studies, Science and Islamic Studies at United Academy in Nouakchott, Mauritania. After teaching Pre-K, first, fifth and seventh grade for the last year, Faldie now teaches Middle School Math and Science.

Chris Schilling, Middle School Teacher

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: 2 years
Teaching Experience: 4 years
Degree: MA, Education
Mr. Schilling is an educator originally from the United States. He teaches Middle School English and Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. He earned his Education degree from Southern Illinois University, and worked two years as an 8th Grade English and Language Arts teacher as a member of Teach For America.

Stuart Chidester, High School Coordinator

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: 5 years
Teaching Experience: 5 years
Degree: MA, Music
Mr. Chidester has been the high school coordinator at TLC since fall, 2013. He grew up in Portland, Oregon (U.S.A.), then attended Trinity College, Portland State University, and Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. After receiving his master’s degree, he worked for eight years in the music business. Mr. Chidester then moved to South America and served for three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay, working in rural economic development. This unique experience eventually led him to Mauritania.

Taylor Montgomery, HS Math Teacher

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: First year
Teaching Experience: 4 years
Degree: BS, Biochemistry
Taylor is originally from Portland, Oregon. She studied biochemistry and psychology in Jacksonville, Florida. During this time, she also tutored both high school and college students in math and science. This is her first year at TLC and first time living abroad.

Nick Porras, High School English/Social Studies Teacher

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: 2 years
Teaching Experience: 2 years
Degree: BA, English Literature
Nick Porras teaches 9th Grade English, 10th Grade English, United States History, World History, and World Cultures at TLC International School. Previously, Nick has taught at Mahalia Jackson Elementary School in the United States and Tahir Ahmadiyya Senior Secondary School in The Gambia. Nick earned his bachelor’s degree in English Literature from California State University Dominguez Hills. He is a fully credentialed high school teacher in his home state of California. This is Nick’s second year at TLC.

Omar Abd-el-Kader, Islamic Studies Teacher

Country of Origin: Mauritania
Years at TLC: First year
Teaching Experience: 23 years
Degree: DA, Law
Mr. Omar was born and raised in Nouakchott where he studied Law at Nouakchott University. After that, he completed his studies in Morocco. He has taught in Primary school for 13 years, three years in height school and seven years at Nouakchott University. He is now teaching Islamic Studies at TLC for elementary and middle school.

Mariem Mamady Diakite, Arabic Teacher

Country of Origin: Mauritania
Years at TLC: 6 years
Teaching Experience:  6 years
Degree: BA, English
Ms. Mariem is originally from Boutilimit, Mauritania. She graduated from the University of Nouakchott in 2011 and that same year started working at TLC as an assistant. In 2013 she started classes at the École Normale Supérieure to become a certified teacher. Since her graduation from the ENS she is now teaching at a public middle school along with her teaching duties at TLC.

Samira Awa Konaté, French Teacher

Country of Origin: Mali
Years at TLC: 4 years
Teaching Experience: 4 years
Degree: BA, Communications
Samira is originally from Bamako, Mali. She is a graduate in communications, information systems, and political strategies from the University of Brussels in Belgium. After having worked at a France telecommunications company, she moved to Mauritania where she teaches French at TLC International School for the last four years. Miss Samira is passionate about African history and enjoys writing, music, and cooking.

Kristen Smolka, ESL Teacher

Country of Origin: United States
Years at TLC: 3 years
Teaching Experience: 5 years
Degree: MBA, Business Administration
Kristen Smolka is originally from the United States where she received a Master’s Degree. She has been working in Mauritania since 2006 and has been working with TLC International School since 2014. She has been teaching for five years.

Nick Carroll, PE Teacher

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Years at TLC: 2 years
Teaching Experience: 13 years
Degree: B.Ed,Primary/Secondary Education
Mr. Nick was born and educated in England where he gained a B.Ed specializing in Primary/Middle School teaching. Mr. Nick began his teaching career in England where he taught for eleven years. He then decided to extend his knowledge and experiences by traveling and teaching outside of Britain. Nick has spent the previous twelve years teaching in international schools in China, DR. Congo and India. He has also visited many countries in Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa. Mr. Nick spends much of his time involved in a variety of sports and has coached numerous soccer teams in the schools that he has taught in from elementary to high school. This is his second year at TLC.

Souleymane Barry, French/ESL Teacher

Country of Origin: Senegal
Years at TLC: First year
Teaching Experience: 25 years
Degree: BA, English Literature
Souleymane is originally from Ziguinchor in Senegal. This year, he started teaching French/ESL at TLC. He studied English Literature at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal. He has 25 years teaching experience. He taught French and English in Dakar, in The Gambia, in Guinea Conakry and now in Mauritania. Before coming to TLC, he taught French for Beginners for eight years at AISN, from Pre-K to High School and then at United Academy of Nouakchott for five months.