Walk-a-thon – February 17
Mid Term Break, No School- February 20-22
Authors’ Tea for Preschool, Prekindergarten, Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6- February 27
Authors’ Tea for kindergarten, Grades 1, 7, and 8 – February 28
Students’ go to work with a female family member or friend, Teacher In-Service – March 7

From the Office
Reading month is in full swing! We are enjoying the activities and competitions planned for throughout the month. It is great to see so many parents coming in to be Mystery Readers. We hope to see you all for Authors’ Tea; the schedule for each class is listed below. Please continue to encourage your children to turn off their devices and read.

Authors’ Tea – February 27th
9:00- Grade 4/5/6
11:30- Preschool-Prekinder
1:30- Grade 2 and Grade 3
Authors’ Tea – February 28th
9:00- Kindergarten-1st
1:30- Middle School

TLC’s annual walk-a-thon is this Friday, February 17. This year the students have decided to designate some of the money they earn to the Cancer Center Children’s Ward. Pledge sheets asking for a one time donation from sponsors were sent home two weeks ago. Students must return these forms with the money donated to their teachers; all money will be due to the classroom teacher by Friday, February 24. We are asking that all students be dropped off at the Olympic Stadium before 8:30. There will be no teacher available to supervise students before 8:10 so please DO NOT send your child/children before that time. All students will then be dismissed at 11:30 from the stadium and must be picked up on time by their family; we will not be returning to TLC. Everyone should have their snack and drink with them when they arrive that morning. Those students who bought snack will still receive it at the stadium. All students must wear appropriate walking shoes, and have a water bottle, hat and sun block as they will be in full sunshine for most of the morning.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are asking that students do not come to school on March 7, but instead go to work with a woman from their family or a family friend. They will come to school the following day to talk about what they did and learned in celebration of women in the workplace.

The students are organizing a toy/clothing/food drive. If you have toys or clothes that your child no longer uses or nonperishable foods (e.g. canned food, rice, pasta) available please drop them off in the designated box located in the reception area of the school. The items will be taken to Madame Diallo’s Orphanage for the children. Thank you for all of your support.

Annonces / Rappels
Marchathon – 17 février
Vacances de février, pas d’école – 20-22 février
Thé des Auteurs pour pré – S, Pré –K, Grades 2, 3, 4, 5 et 6 – 27 Février
Thé des Auteurs pour Kindergarten, Grades 1, 7 et 8 – 28 février
Les élèves vont aller au travail avec une femme membre ou amie de la famille, Enseignants en service – 7 mars

De L’Administration
Le mois de la lecture est en plein régime! Nous apprécions les activités et les compétitions prévues pendant tout le mois. C’est agréable de voir autant de parents venir participer en se proposant d’être des lecteurs mystérieux. Nous espérons tous vous voir pour le Thé des Auteurs; Les horaires pour chaque classe sont énumérés ci-dessous. Merci de continuer à encourager vos enfants à éteindre leurs appareils et lire.

Thé des Auteurs – 27 Février
9:00 – Grade 4/5/6
11:30 – Pré S et Pré K
1:30 – Grade 2 et 3
Thé des Auteurs – 28 Février
9:00- Kindergarten et Grade 1
1:30- Middle School

Le marchathon annuel de TLC est prévu ce vendredi 17 février. Cette année, les étudiants ont décidés d’adresser une partie de l’argent qu’ils vont gagner au service des enfants du Centre National d’Oncologie. Un formulaire de promesse de dons pour une donation unique par un sponsor a été distribué il y a 2 semaines. Les élèves doivent retourner ces formulaires à leurs enseignants avec l’argent donné avant le vendredi 24 février. Nous demandons que tous les élèvessoient déposés au Stade Olympique avant 8 h 30. Il n’y aura pas d’enseignant disponible pour superviser les élèves avant 8:10 alors s’il vous plaît NE PAS envoyer votre (vos) enfant(s) avant ce moment. Tous les élèves seront ensuite libérés à 11h30 du Stade et doivent être récupérés à temps par leur famille; Nous ne retournerons pas à TLC. Tout le monde doit avoir sa boisson et sa collation en arrivant ce matin-là. Les élèves qui ont payés pour les collations le recevront au stade. Tous les élèves doivent porter des chaussures de marche appropriées, et avoir une bouteille d’eau, un chapeau et un écran solaire car ils seront en plein soleil pendant la majeure partie de la matinée.

Pour célébrer la Journée internationale de la femme, nous demandons aux élèves de ne pas venir à l’école le 7 mars, mais plutôt d’aller au travail avec une femme membre ou amie de leur famille. Ils viendront à l’école le lendemain pour parler de ce qu’ils ont fait et appris en célébrant les femmes sur le lieu de travail.

Les élèves organisent une collecte de jouets / vêtements / nourriture. Si vous avez des jouets ou des vêtements que votre enfant n’utilise plus ou des aliments non périssables (par exemple, des conserves, du riz, des pâtes) disponibles, veuillez les déposer dans le carton désigné situé dans la zone de réception de l’école. Les articles seront emmenés à l’orphelinat de Madame Diallo pour les enfants. Merci pour tout votre soutient.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Make sure to show some love to friends and family. The Preschoolers are rounding up their theme: Sensational Senses and have enjoyed exploring their environment by touching, smelling, tasting, listening and looking. We have explored and learned from the five senses centers set up in the classroom and have enjoyed making different crafts like binoculars, shakers, hard and soft collages and five senses face masks. We have learned a few songs about our senses. We would like to give special thanks to all the parents for sending in the food and drinks we used for our carnival and also for attending too; we also thank the Director and the Assistant Director, teachers and students who came to our 5 Senses Carnival. I am sure you had fun exploring the different stations and learning about your senses; we had a great time too. For Reading Month we have had mystery readers come in daily to read to us and we do appreciate their time as we are always excited to see and listen to them. We also enjoyed listening to the 5th and 6th graders read to us during our Camp Out Day. We have started learning a new color:pink, the shape: heart and the number:6. We welcome our new student Shengrui to our classroom. Parents, please, we still ask that you put extra clothes in your child’s school bag, blankets for the nap mats and comfortable shoes for P.E. We also ask that you check their bags daily to take out dirty clothes, left over food and notes sent home. Please feel free to contact me by or by phone 26-66-58-94 for questions or concerns.
Thank You.

Ms. Pat

This month’s theme is “Working and Playing Together”. The children will participate in activities that involve being together. They will share their own favorite group activities and celebrations. They will also learn about jobs that involve teamwork. Our book, “To Be a Kid” will help them read about other children all over the world.

In math, they are learning the number 8, the heart shape and the concepts taller than, shorter than. They understand that adults are taller than children and that their bodies with all its parts will grow as they get older. They had fun building with blocks and making comparisons between them.

They are also learning to recognize and write the letter Hh, the sounds it makes and explore words that start with this letter. They learned about two syllable words by clapping on each syllable. They are also learning the opposites laugh and cry, and reviewing the title, author, front, back, beginning and end of a book during story time.

The children are working on their books for Authors’ Tea, which will be held February, 27. We are looking forward to seeing you all there. The children will be happy to read their books to you. We would like to thank all our mystery readers who came to read for the students; we really appreciate giving us some of your time. Thank you for all your help and support and have a great weekend!

Ms. Fatiha


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hello! I hope everyone is doing fine. It’s time again to update all of you about the recent activities and lessons we have done. I would like to remind you to please come to school on time so that there will be no student who will miss a fun-filled learning experience during their first subject up through their last. Classes are from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Students should come between 7:45 and8:00. Thank you to the parents who encourage and support their children in eating healthy foods –especially fruits and vegetables. Water is also essential. I suggest that it is better to buy a reusable bottle for your children that they can use for a long period of time than buying a plastic bottle from the boutique everyday; it is cheaper and you also help the Earth. Kindergarten lunch time is 11:45 until 12:05. If you are dropping off food for lunch, please make sure to come or send the food before 11:45. Please continue to encourage your children to read at least 10 minutes a day at home with their book of choice. Your children are working really hard to make a book to share and read with you. You are welcome to attend our Authors’Tea on March 28,2016 from 9:00 to 10:30am in the school library. Please bring a light snack and drinks (e.g. water, juice, milk) to share while they are presenting their books; we have 16 students in our class.

Here is the list of lessons and activities we have done this past week:

– Learned about Letter light E(Exercise Energy) and Mr.G(Gooey Gum)
– Letter light E and Mr.G’s song and sound
– Read decodable books: The Grab Bag and Piglets Get wet
– New sight word: of, with
– Reviewed previous letter people that we’ve studied (Songs and sounds)
– Learned words with medial Ee (e.g. bed, ten, and pen)
– Learned words with initial and ending Gg (e.g. gum, good, girl)
– Practiced how to make a sentence
– Learned how to write uppercase and lowercase Ee and Gg

– Simple problem solving with subtraction
– Reviewed counting by 10’s to 100
– Learned to measure with tools (e.g. to measure temperature with a
– Learned how to make a growth timeline

– Learned about living and non living things
– Learned how a bean plant grows and changes
– Learned how to recycle
– Learned how food will rot
– Learned what rotted foods look like
– Learned what effects rotten foods have on your body if accidentally eaten

– General fitness
– Stretching
– Ball game activities
– Hula hoop

Social Studies and Arts:
– Learned about different types of pollution
– Understood the cause and effect of pollution to the Earth
-Learned how to exercise and its good benefits to our body and mind

Thank you for entrusting your children to TLC International School. You will be hearing from us again soon in the upcoming newsletter. Have a nice a day!

Ms. Joyce
Grade 1
Dear Parents,
It is still Reading month!! Please continue to encourage your child to read, read, and read! This will not only enhance your child’s reading skills and enrich his/her vocabulary, but it will entice your child to read simply for the enjoyment of reading.
We are still continuing with the unit on Wants and Needs in social studies. The students will understand communities have varying needs and wants based on their purpose and resources. The students will also understand that communities will meet their needs and wants for goods and services differently.
In reading, and spelling we are currently learning about words with er, ir, and ur, and the students have been practicing reading words with er, ir, and ur in the story: I’m A Caterpillar. Please make sure your child reads the stories that are sent home every day. This will help your child’s reading skills. The students took their spelling test on Thursday.
In grammar, the students are currently learning about Am, Is, Are, Was, and Were. The students are also applying their grammar skills in their writing journals and have started working on their writing piece for Authors’ Tea. They have great ideas and have been applying the writing process as well as applying writing strategies taught in the classroom. Write On!
The first graders are still working their way through Chapter 4 –Strategies for Subtraction Facts to 12; you can help your child by having them practice subtraction facts to 12 by using flash cards, mad minute sheets, and/or by playing games using facts to 12.
Thank you,
Ms. Celine
Grade 2
Grade 2 has been very busy working on creative writing skills. Authors’ Tea is just around the corner, so we have been writing our stories and designing our Adventure Island maps in preparation. We are writing and then editing our stories and soon we will be typing and printing them.
In mathematics we are learning how to tell time and using language such as minutes past and minutes to as well as am, pm, noon and midnight. We have also been doing lots of problem solving activities involving the use of clocks.
During PE lessons we are well into a unit on basketball practicing dribbling, ball control and shooting.

Mr. Nick
Grade 3

Dear Parents,

It is Reading Month, and we want to encourage our students to read and enjoy their reading time. So far everyone has been keeping up with their reading and meeting their reading goals for each day. Way to go third grade!

In Spelling we have been learning about words with sh, th, ph, ch and tch, and will soon start with contractions. Our grammar focus for this week has been adjectives that compare; we will move on to adverbs soon. We are about to finish the second lesson of our worldly wise book.

In Math we finished the multiplication chapters, but since we have started division, I would like to encourage everyone to continue working on their multiplication at home. In division, we have worked on fact families that relate division and multiplication and numbers divided by 2 and 5.

In Science, we continue working on our solar system unit. Students finished a diagram that represents the Earth’s revolution around the sun and they have been doing some research about planets in their IT lessons. We will soon start to put these together and develop a project about planets.

Students take spelling and math homework every day, and sometimes grammar. Part of this homework is also reading and practicing IXL online. Please, encourage your child to read every day to meet their reading month goal. As usual, IXL tasks will be assigned on Mondays and students will have a whole week to complete these; it will be graded as part of their weekly homework.

Thank you for all your support,
Ms. Patricia

Grades 4/5

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I hope all is well. Here is an academic update for Grades 4/5.
We have just completed the last lesson involving decimals. A test was given on 02/14/2017. The focus was multiplying decimals. Please check RenWeb for those results. We are now concentrating on Prime/Composite numbers and Prime Factorization.
Language Arts
We have completed a lesson on Homophones. A test on this topic was given recently. Now, the current topic is Alliteration. Short stories are still the focus for reading comprehension. Several of such stories are read and discussed weekly. Upon completion, reading comprehension questions are given. Also, Wordly Wise lessons and activities are an ongoing part of the curriculum. A Lesson 8 test was given recently. Lastly, handwriting activities are taking place this trimester.
Social Studies
Lessons concerning Ancient Greece are ongoing. Reading/discussions, homework, class work, and activities are taking place about this unit. A major test completing the unit will take place at the end of February. Please periodically check RenWeb for all academic results.
Mr. Gaston
Grades 5/6

Dear Parents,
This has been an exciting month of reading, reading, reading! Many thanks to all those parents who have been Guest Readers in our class. The students have enjoyed listening to the stories you told or read in your native language. It has been quite a remarkable experience for all of them! Thank you.
Language Arts

In writing, students have been busy composing and preparing their Persuasive Essays for Authors’ Tea on February 27th. Prior to embarking on their persuasive writing assignments, students were given several topics related to Human Rights’ issues affecting our world today. They were either to choose one of the suggested topics or come up with their own. The topics the students chose ranged from Immigration issues, to the Right to Education for all Children, to Free Health Care for all People Nationwide. Part of the writing assignment was for students to interview their classmates and parents to find out their views on their particular topic. They were also to include their personal views and opinions on the issue and do online research to gather relevant facts for or against their position on the topic. The students are excited to share these Persuasive Essays with you during Authors’ Tea!

Social Studies

Students have completed their group research on the Ancient Empire of Ghana and have conducted their final research presentation on their group study. Our next stage in this unit study will focus on the Empire of Mali and the Songhai Kingdom. We are hoping to start on this unit after our short three day break next week.

In Math, Grade 5 students have completed their unit study on Graphing Ordered Pairs and using Rules, Tables, and Graphs to solve algebraic equations. They will now be practicing how to divide Decimals by 10s, 100s, and 1000s, as well as by two-digit Whole Numbers. Grade 6 students are now learning how to find the Perimeter around various shapes such as triangles and rectangles. They are learning how to use a formula to help them find the missing lengths on such shapes. Further in the chapter, they will learn how to convert measurements using the Metric System (e.g. km to cm, kg to g, etc.).
In Science, students are continuing to explore the differences between various types of terrestrial environments. They will be conducting Investigations that involve creating specific controlled habitats that are suitable for certain organisms to live and thrive in. Later in the trimester, Grades 4-8 will be preparing for a Science Fair which will be in April. Students will create individual science experiments and conduct ongoing research and investigations surrounding their projects. Each student will keep a science journal in which they will be recording and sharing the weekly progress on their investigations.
Ms. Dibba

Grades 7/8

Greetings from the 7th and 8th Grade Middle School! We are working hard towards the end of our second trimester, and the students are putting the finishing touches on their short stories for the Authors’ Tea.
We have finished our Science unit on Rocks and Minerals and have begun a Social Studies unit that examines the causes and effects of colonialism in Africa. In English and Language Arts, the students are about to begin a unit on poetry analysis and writing.

Both 7th and 8th grade students have just finished a cumulative test (chapters 1 through 6). They will soon start chapter 7 in volume 2 of their textbooks. In 7th grade, lesson 1 will cover measurements done by estimating actual and scale distances. In 8th grade the first lesson will cover divisibility patterns and prime factorization.

High School
Hello All,
After a nice five-day weekend, the high-schoolers will definitely have their hands full. Here’s what’s on the agenda.
Physical & Earth Sciences: Potential and kinetic energy, energy conservation, work and machines
Biology: Plant kingdom: Plant adaptation, vascular and nonvascular plants, plant cells and tissues
Physics: Properties and motion of waves, wave speed, wave interference, standing waves, the Doppler effect
Precalculus: Approximate data, interpolation, trigonometric tables, reference angles
Advance Placement English Literature & Composition: Short stories by: John Updike, Toni Cade Bambara, Joyce Carol Oats and Amy Tan.
Mr. Chidester

Hello Parents,

We have jumped right into our 2nd semester. Congratulations to all of the students that made honor roll this go around. They have put in a tremendous amount of effort to accomplish this and they deserve recognition for their efforts. I have a goal of finishing up most of our courses before Ramadan in order to make sure the students aren’t overburdened by work during their time of fasting and reflection. This means that they will be very busy leading up to the holy month. Please continue to support them and make sure they are getting enough sleep and proper nutrition. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to me at 22-51-38-01. Thank you for your continued communication and support.

Mr. Porras

Dear Parents,
Students have been busy since the start of the second semester. Some classes have already finished their first evaluation/test and are moving on to the next chapter.
In Geometry, students have just finished chapter 7 on similarity, ratios, and proportions. They completed the unit evaluation yesterday and started Chapter 8 today; chapter 8 focuses on right triangles and trigonometry.
In Algebra 1, students have just submitted unit 1 evaluation and are ready to start chapter 8 on exponents and exponential functions. The emphasis will be on the common use for exponents shown through scientific notation and graphing and evaluating exponential functions.
In Sociology, students are finishing chapter 3. They will soon start unit 1 evaluation before moving on to unit 2 which takes a look at the individual in society. The focus will be on the “nature vs. nurture” debate, the status of the adolescent in society, and deviance.
Ms. Ba

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