Spelling Bee for grades 1-8– May 3 at 10:00

Africa Day-CelebrationPotluck lunch-End of Year Celebration May 24

Africa Day-No School- May 25

Grades Close- June 9

Student Led Conferences- June 12

Last Day of School- June 16


From the Office

It is hard to believe the school year is drawing to a close. However, there are a lot of activities before the end of the year. First, we will have our Spelling Bee for the top five spellers in each group. Wednesday, May 10, Grade 1 students will begin at 10:00, followed by grades 2/3, 4/5/6, and 7/8. There is no way to tell exactly what time the subsequent classes will begin, so it would be best to come at 10am. Please come and show support.

In honor of Africa Day and the End of the Year celebration, the students will be asked to dress in different African Clothing on May 24. We will have speakers from several different African countries that will present to the students.  Following the presentations, we are also planning a potluck lunch; we are asking each family to bring a dish to share.  The school will provide forks, plates, and drinks.  Parents are invited to the potluck.  After the potluck the students will perform a few songs and we will show our Year-In-Review video before an early dismissal. More details will go home next week.

Students have been collecting their work and preparing their portfolios throughout the school year. They will be inviting their parents to Student Led Conferences on June 12 to meet and go over their work from the school year. More information will go home with the next newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first annual Career Day.  It was a lot of fun and educational for the students! Pupils were able to learn about day to day activities of different jobs and how to go about achieving their goals.

All after school activities except Chess, Soccer, Homework Club, Koran, and TLC Times (Journalism) have ended for the school year.

أوشكت السنة الدراسية على النهاية ورغم ذالك لدينا الكثير من الانشطة قبل نهاية السنة الدراسية وأول هذه الأنشطة هو مسابقة التهجئة يوم الاربعاء 10 من مايو. سيبدأ طلاب الصف 1 الساعة 10:00  ويليهم على التوالي طلاب الصف 2 و3 و4و5 ثم بعد ذالك الصف 6و 7و 8 ومن الصعب تحديد التوقيت الخاص بكل فصل ولذالك من الضروري عدم تأخير الحضور.

تخليدا لعيد الوحدة الافريقية واحتفالا بأختتام السنة الدراسية سيقوم الطلاب بلبس البسة إفريقية تقليدية يوم 24 من مايو وسيتم تقديم عروض حول دول أفريقية مختلفة امام الطلاب.وبعد هذه العروض سيتم تنظيم غداء جماعي حيث اننا نطلب من  جميع الاسر إرسال وجبة للمشاركة. نرحب بجميع آباء التلاميذ للقدوم والمشاركة وسيقوم الطلاب بإنشاد اناشيد قبل المغادرة. ترقبوا المزيد من التفاصيل لاحقا.

طوال العام الدراسي والطلاب يقمون بجمع أعمالهم السنوية وتحضير الملف السنوي ايضا وسيقومون بتقديم دعوة لأولياء الأمور لحضور مؤتمر الطلاب ومراجعة الملف السنوي. سيتم إرسال مزيد من المعلومات في النشرة المدرسية القادمة.

نود ان نقدم الشكر الجزيل لكل من شارك في فعالية اليوم المهني هنا في المدرسة حيث انه كان يوما حافلا بالمرح والمعلومات القيمة لطلابنا. تمكن الطلاب من معرفة طبيعة كل مهنة وسبل تحقيق احلامهم المستقبلية.

الكثير من اولياء الأمور يسأل عن امكانية المغادرة (اخذ العطلة) قبل الموعد المحدد لنهاية العام الدراسي. سينتهي جميع الطلاب من المقرر (ختم الدروس) يوم 9 من يونيو وسنخصص الأسبوع الأخير من السنة الدراسية لبعض الأنشطة الخاصة مثل: مؤتمر الطلاب و عرض المواهب و الفنون وغيرهم… فإذا اخترتم المغادرة قبل 9 من يونيو فإن اي عمل مدرسي يتغيب عنه التلميذ ستظهر نتيجتعه كصفر في النتيجة النهائية. سيتم توزيع النتائج يوم 16 من يونيو.   


Hello from Preschool and welcome back from Spring Break! We have started a new theme: “Light and Dark”.  This will be our last unit for the school year. We are also learning the number 10 and colors black and white. We are reviewing all the shapes we have learned too. Thank you parents for sending in white t-shirts and black pants for our different activities. We are also asking that you help your child find a flashlight to bring to the class as we get ready for our class, Camp Day Out. Please remember to also put a water bottle in your child’s bag as some of the children are coming to school without water. We do not want them to become dehydrated as we see the weather is getting really hotter. Thank you.

Ms. Pat.

Pre Kindergarten

We finished up our theme “Let’s Explore”. The children have been exploring their natural world. They have observed and described many things using magnifying glasses such as stones, leaves, ants, and sea shells.  They have been sorting and classifying objects by category using words for opposites such as Big/Small, Dirty/Clean, and Short/Tall. They created many sentences to describe and discuss objects sizes, shapes, colors, and how they feel.  I am very happy with the progress in their language development skills as they start to form longer sentences. The children have enjoyed learning the song “There’s a Hole in the Middle of the Pond” and playing a guessing game by giving hints about objects using “I spy with my little eye”. They have enjoyed “The Opposite Story” and pantomiming opposites such as in/out, shut/open, and up/down. We made our own opposites chart and sang the song “Up and Down”. In math, we have been reviewing numbers 1 to 11 and practicing writing them using different techniques. We have finished learning all the colors and have been reviewing them by playing the Candy Land Game, Memory Game, and flash cards. In addition, we have been learning about volume. We compared two same sized containers filled with different sized objects as well as containers in different sizes and shapes filled with water and sand. The children discussed how they can determine which container holds more.

As for phonological awareness, we enjoyed playing an initial sounds game called “Hello What’s Your Name” and playing a rhyming game where the students clapped once if two words rhymed and stood very still when they didn’t rhyme. They are learning the letters Qq and Oo, exploring words that start with these letters and learning their sounds. Our new theme is “Animals and Where They Live”, the children will explore animals, and focus on places where they live such as on a farm, or in a pond. They will also look at different kinds of animals and learn to name and categorize them. 

Have a great weekend!

Miss Fatiha



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hello! I hope everyone is doing fine. It is time again to update all of you about the recent activities and lessons we have done. Since we are finished with all of The Letter People, in Literacy we are reviewing the alphabet, proper use of punctuation, and practicing our reading and writing skills. In Mathematics, we are reviewing problem solving using addition, subtraction, symmetry, graphs and also mathematical signs like greater than, less than and equal to signs. We are exploring in Science by using magnifying lenses with different types of activities. In Social Studies and Writing we are expressing our ideas and opinions through drawing and writing. Please keep practicing these skills at home.  We are also learning how to tie our shoe laces and remembering our parents’ phone numbers just in case your child needs to call you in different situations. Today was our Career Fair. This presents itself as a good opportunity to speak with your child about what he/she likes and to encourage him/her to reach their goals in life. Thank you for preparing healthy foods for your children; I have seen a variety of nutritious foods during snack and lunch time. Just a reminder, lunch time is at 11:45am; your child’s lunch should be here before that time. Also, please bring extra snacks every Friday.

Thank you for entrusting your children to TLC International School. You will be hearing from us again soon in the upcoming newsletter. Have a nice a day!


Grade 1

Greetings Parents!

It has been a pleasure working with the Grade 1 students. To date, we have been focusing a lot on reading comprehension within our reading groups: Jaguars have been reading a book entitled, Bat Helps Out, Kittens have been reading a book entitled, How Many Cubs?, and Lions have been reading a book entitled, Frog and Toad Together. We have also spent time journaling with a focus on how to begin and end sentences as well as using complete sentences. During our Wordly Wise lessons, we are continuing to focus a lot on vocabulary and being able to implement those words into our everyday usage. And during phonics, we covered the long e: ee sound. In math class, we are practicing place value: understanding the tens and ones place. This will help students as they begin to do more addition and subtraction within these place values before learning to regroup and decompose numbers. We are also learning about greater than, less than and telling time by the half hour, i.e. 4:307:30, etc. Lastly, we are finishing up our discussion on wants and needs. We encourage you to engage your child in discussions on what they are learning in school.

Please make certain your child is spending time at home to practice with their math, spelling and reading; they will be bringing books weekly that they have checked out from the library. Finally, because reading is being taught first period every morning, it is imperative that your child comes to school on time as this is a core subject. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or come in to schedule an appointment; we welcome you! Thank you for your continual support!

Ms. Eno/Ms. Soldana

Grade 2

During Mathematics, we have been studying three-digit number work which has involved a lot of addition and subtraction problem-solving. We have also been analyzing how language is used in everyday problems and how we can solve these with mental math skills. In Language Arts, we have been practicing our reading and how to develop our creative writing skills by writing some stories in our journals. During Science, we have begun our theme on Balance and Motion. We have made spiraling helicopters and are currently in the process of making and designing spinning tops. In Physical Education classes, the focus has been on kickball and baseball where we are learning to develop our team skills as well as our sporting skills.

Thank you, Mr. Nick.



Grade 3

Dear parents,

Students are full of energy after our spring break and ready to try their best during the last weeks of school. Thank you to all the students who put effort during this break to complete the IXL and read daily.

In Language Arts we are now learning about conjunctions to build compound sentences and prepositions. In spelling we are starting to learn about words with prefixes pre-, out-, over- and mid-. We have started Wordly Wise lesson 6.

In math we have been learning about fractions, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions and a fraction of a number. We are now reviewing some units of measurement and we will be taking a math test on Friday.

In social studies, we introduced Ancient Egypt as a civilization that grew along the Nile River. Students have started some research on their own during their IT lessons to create a Power Point presentation. We will follow up on this research during our class time.

Students are assigned spelling and math homework every day, and sometimes grammar. Part of this homework is also reading and practicing IXL online. Please, encourage your child to read every day to meet their reading month goal. As usual, IXL tasks will be assigned on Mondays and students will have a whole week to complete these and it will be graded as part of their weekly homework.

Thank you for all your support,

Ms. Patricia

Grades 4/5


Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope all is well. Here is an academic update for Grades 4/5.


Lessons concerning telling time and elapsed time concluded recently. The recent lessons focused on writing and evaluating algebraic expressions. A test was given on May 4. We will move on with lessons involving Geometry.

Language Arts

We recently completed lessons involving how to use who and whom correctly in sentences; a test was given this week concluding this lesson. Short stories are still the focus for reading comprehension. Several of such stories are read and discussed weekly. Upon completion, reading comprehension questions are given. Wordly Wise lessons and activities are an ongoing part of the curriculum. A test on lesson 12 was given recently. Lastly, handwriting activities are a continued activity taking place this trimester.


We have concluded science lessons about the Physics of Sound. Also, the Science Fair grades will be included this trimester on your child’s reports.

Social Studies

We recently started a new Social Studies unit about Ancient Egypt.

Please check RenWeb for all assignments and test scores.

Mr. Gaston

Grades 5/6

Dear Parents,

We are in the final stretch of the school year. The students have been working very hard in all their subject areas. I would like to thank all those parents who attended the Science Fair for grades 4-8. It was a huge success and the students were proud to show off their science projects.

Language Arts 

In grammar, students have started working on figurative language and expressions. This week, they learned about similes. In the coming two weeks, they will be exploring more figurative language such as metaphors and personification. In writing, students are learning the art of letter writing and the skills required to produce both formal and informal letters. We are still reading our whole class novel, Freedom Crossing by Margaret Goff Clark. In addition to the whole class reading, students are engaged in group Literature Circles during which they read, discuss, and write journal entries on novels that are at their reading and comprehension level.

Social Studies 

This final trimester in social studies, students will complete their unit study on African Geography and Ancient Africa by studying and researching the Ancient Kingdom of Songhai. They will be divided into groups and will explore the rise and fall of this historic Western African Kingdom.


In Math, Grade 5 students have completed their study on Geometry. In this unit, they learned about congruent and similar figures, as well as how to identify symmetrical shapes. They are now moving on to the next unit of Measurement where they will learn about customary units of length and how to convert metric units into other units of measurement. Grade 6 students are at the end of their unit on ratios, proportions and percents. In this unit of study, they learned how to solve proportions using equations, as well as how to find the percent of a given number. In the next unit, they will learn about solids and how to find the surface area of objects. They will also explore Volume and how to calculate the volume of three-dimensional figures.


Having spent the last two months focused on their science fair project, students are now able to continue with their previous class unit on the Environment. We will be picking up from where we left off in our study of ecosystems and environmental factors.

Ms. Dibba

Grade 7/8

Greetings from the Middle School! Our students have finished their African Colonization and Independence unit, and are beginning a Science unit on Solar Energy. The students have also finished their Poetry unit, and have begun a unit on literature analysis through the medium of short science fiction as well as an analysis of scientific articles. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

7th graders have just completed their chapter 9 test and the cumulative test (chapters 1-9). They are ready to start chapter 10, which focuses on tables, equations, and graphs. In chapter 10, Students use variables, graphs, and tables to show relationships, and learn to solve one and two-step equations.

8th graders are reviewing chapters 1 through 9 in preparation of the cumulative test. They will then start chapter 10, which covers Functions and Polynomials. In chapter 10, Students learn to represent linear, quadratic, and other functions using tables, graphs, and equations. They also learn to evaluate polynomials.

High School

Hello Folks,

The month of May is going to be busy, busy, busy for High School. We have a lot to get done in order to finish on time in June, so be prepared for plenty of homework.  Here is what is on the schedule for the next couple of weeks.

Physical & Earth Sciences: Light: Refraction and reflection, color and light production,and mirrors and lenses

Biology: Mammals: Characteristics and diversity, animal behavior: Instinct, learned behavior, and ecological behavior

Physics: Magnetism, magnetic fields, motors and generators, and power transmissions

Precalculus: Logarithms, antilogarithms, logs of trigonometric functions, and oblique triangles

Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition: Expository prose:  On Liberty by John Stuart Mill


Mr. Chidester

Hi Parents,

We are back from what was hopefully a very restful Spring Break for both you and your family. High School has jumped right back into the fray as we begin to come down that home stretch. There is another Starkey International volunteer opportunity so I am sure many of your children will be participating in that once again.

Many of our 11th and 12th grade students have been taking their AP exams at the US Embassy. We also have a couple of students taking the SAT exam tomorrow. Please understand that this is a time of great stress for many of them. I will do my best as an educator to ease any stresses or concerns about these exams.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr. Porras

Dear Parents,

In Geometry, we are currently covering unit 5 on circles and are working on the fourth evaluation. In unit 5, students are learning about inscribed angles, tangents, secants, and intercepted arcs. They are also working on their last project for this semester.

In Algebra 2, students have just submitted their fourth evaluation. They started chapter 11 on radical expressions and equations. In chapter 11, they learn how to simplify expressions containing radicals, solve radical equations, and use trigonometry to find the lengths of sides of right triangles.

In Sociology, students are finishing their third evaluation. They will soon start unit 4 on social institutions. Unit 4 explores essential social institutions such as the family, the economy, politics, education, and religion.

Ms. Ba

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