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The 6-8th grade Middle School program is centered around the core philosophy that children become responsible young adults through academic and personal development. The Math program is based around real world applications and is designed to prepare our students both for the rigorous high school program here at TLC, as well as provide them with the foundational skills needed for all future pursuits.  The Science program is based on the belief that hands-on experimentation provides the best path to scientific learning. The Social Studies program is centered around theme based learning; where students explore not only a timeline view of history, but the how and why of it all. Our English and Language Arts program operates under the philosophy that reading analysis and persuasive writing are the cornerstones for all future success, and thus focuses on teaching and enhancing these skill sets.  Our Middle School students also engage in immersive French and Arabic programs, providing them an opportunity to enhance their future potential through the development of linguistic diversity.