November 27-December 1-No School-Teacher work days/Independence Day/Prophet’s Birthday

December 4- Report Cards go home

December 6, 7 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 15- Winter Carnival

December 20- Sports Day

December 21-January 9- No School Winter Break

From the Office

Wow, how this year is flying by and the pace is not letting up anytime soon. We have a lot going on so please be sure to keep the above reminders close for important dates. First, a reminder that the school is closed next week for teacher development days as well as Mauritanian Independence Day and Eid Moloud. It was so nice to celebrate these important occasions with so many families yesterday. Thank you all for coming, donating money, and bringing a variety of delicious foods.  A special thanks to the Parent Committee, TPAC, for organizing this wonderful event and ASML Group for their sponsorship of the event. I hope you and your children enjoyed it as much as we did.

As you will also note the trimester has ended for students in grades k-8.  Report cards will be sent home on December 4 and conferences will be scheduled. When the conference schedule is sent home on the 4th please let us know if you are unable to attend so that we can help you to reschedule.

Winter is coming to TLC! The preparations for Winter Carnival are underway; this year’s theme is Winter Candy Land.  Staff has been broken up into committees to help find sponsors, decorate the school, prepare games, and plan the food service. Anyone who is interested in assisting in these preparations please let us know.

AISN is preparing a College Fair. They are inviting TLC students to participate and are asking for assistance in recruiting parents who are interested in running a booth to represent your university. If you are interested in helping, please stop by the office for more information.

فقط للتذكير: 

من 27 نوفمبر حتى 1 من ديسمبر عطلة للطلاب-أيام الأستاذ وعيد الأستقلال الوطني وعيد المولد النبوي الشريف

4 من ديسمبر توزيع النتائج

6و7 من ديسمبر أجتماع آباء التلاميذ والأساتذة

15 من ديسمبر أحتفالية الكرنفال

20 من ديسمبر يوم الرياضة البدنية

من 21 من ديسمبر حتى 9 من يناير 2018 عطلة

يمر الوقت بوتيرة متسارعة فهاهو الفصل الاول من السنة الدراسية أوشك على الإنتهاء ولدينا الكثير من الأمور التي على آباء التلاميذ معرفتها. اولا نذكر ان الاسبوع القادم سيكون عطلة للطلاب وذالك نتيجة ليوم الأستاذ الخاص بالعمل ويوم الأستقلال الوطني وعيد المولد النبوي الشريف. لقد كان من دواعي سرورنا ان نحتفل  بالأمس مع هذا الكم من الاسر بهذه المناسبات الجميلة فشكرا لمجيئكم والشكر موصول كذالك للجنة آباء التلاميذ المنظمة لهذه الأحتفالية. نأمل ان يكون الجميع قد أستمتع.

نود ان ننوه ان الفصل الأول من السنة الدراسية قد أنتهى لطلاب الحضانة حتى الصف الثامن وستصلكم النتائج يوم 4 من ديسمبر وقد تم برمجة مواعيد أجتماع أولياء أمور التلاميذ مع الأساتذة وسيصلكم جدول المواعيد قريبا فيرجى النظر في المواعيد الخاصة بكم ولإتصال إذا لم تكونوا قادرين على المجيئ لتحديد موعد آخر.

لقد حان وقت كرنفال الشتاء السنوي (أرض الحلويات) الخاص بالمدرسة وقد بدأت الأستعدادات جيث ان جميع طاقم المدرسة إنقسم إلى مجموعات للبحث عن ممولين للحدث وتزين المدرسة وتحضير اللألعاب والمأكولات فيرجى من من يرغب في المساعدة الإتصال بنا.

المدرسة الدولية في السفارة الأمركية تستعد لإقامة معرض تعريفي للجامعات حول العالم وقد تم تقديم دعوة لطلابنا للحضور.  تطلب المدرسة الدولية من من يرغب في المساعدة والقدوم لتقديم عرض عن الجامعة التي درس فيها فيرجى من الراغبين المرور على الإدارة لمعرفة المزيد وشكرا.


In the preschool class we have learned and explored different ways we can measure food using different measuring tools like scales, measuring cups and spoons. We also learned that people eat in different ways and places: some eat sitting on mats or at dining tables, we explored different kitchen and eating utensils, learned their names and uses like trays, plates, cups, spoons, etc. We made our own play place mats and have enjoyed setting the table and inviting our friends to come and eat with us using our play food. We have also introduced the number 3, the color brown and the square shape. We have continued to incorporate all the colors, numbers and shapes we learn in all of our centers and painting activities. We say Happy Birthday to Mahfoud who celebrated his birthday and thank his  parents for bringing in goodies  and cake to share with his teachers and friends. Thank you!

Ms. Pat


Ms. Fatiha’s Pre-K Class has started a new theme, Inside and Outside Me. The children are learning about their bodies. They learned the name of body parts, explored how their bodies move and work with their five senses. Five senses stations were set up in the classroom. In the seeing station, the children had to find out what was missing. In the touch and feel station, students had to put their hands inside the mystery bags and guess what was in them. The hearing station had different containers for the students to listen to and guess what they were. In the taste station, the children had food to taste and decide if it was sour, sweet or salty. And finally in the smell station the children smelled many things and then had to guess what they were. The children are working on finishing nice pictures about the five senses. They are also learning about the inside of their bodies through our big poster, Inside Me and many stories. The children learned about their bodies and understood that they have a brain to think with, a heart that pumps blood, lungs to breathe in and out, a stomach to digest food, and skin that protects and bones that make their skeleton. They all enjoyed the songs The Brain in My Body, I Have a Heart Inside of Me and the finger play, Inside and Outside Me. During our story time we shared the story, From Head to Toe. The animals in the story asked the children to do many different movements with their bodies. Fun was had by all. They have been learning the position words (under, over, between) using their hands, and through the rhyme Up and Down, Round and Round. Additionally, they are learning the opposites inside/outside. The children are learning about the letter C and the letter L and the sound they make. The children have reviewed the sound of all the letters learned so far through an outdoor activity, Step on the Letter. The children are also learning the number 5, the star and rectangle shapes and the colors brown and purple. They have been reviewing the concept one to one correspondence through many different activities.

Keep up the good work Pre-K. Have a great Weekend!

Ms. Fatiha


I really appreciate the parental support and help for the children at home and school that we have been getting. As we have finished the first trimester, Kindergarten students have been really focused and still working very hard.

In Language Arts, we brought Mr. Z, Mr. B, and Mr. I to our classroom; we talked about things that make the Letter Person special, the sound the letters make, and things that begin with the letter sound. Mr. I is a Letter Light; we started building words with the sound /i/ in the middle like fin, pin, him, tin, and fit. We are still writing sentences beginning with a capital letter and ending with an end mark: period, question mark, and exclamation point. In reading, for Mr. Z we read, I like Zippers, Mr. B, I Made a Face, and Mr. I, I Measure, and Is It a Fit?

In Math, we reviewed counting by ones 1-50, counting by twos 2-30, and counting by tens 10-100. We also practiced using tally marks with graphs, shapes and colors, and explored measurement.

In Science, we discussed zoo animals and care for them and the seasons: summer, fall, and winter. We also learned about animals and how and why they hibernate, migrate, and camouflage, and we talked about the differences between insects and spiders.

In Social Studies, we discussed regional climates, animal habitats, and cooperation. Thanks!

Ms. Hannah

Grade 1

“Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.” -Unknown

Dear Parents,

It is time once again for our newsletter so we can inform you of the recent lessons and activities your child has learned these past few weeks. Thank you for your continuous support with your child. Let us continue working together for your child’s continuous progress. I would like to present to you the summary of the lessons of what we have discussed and learned these past few weeks. Please refer to the list of subjects below:


As we move on with our Literacy class, we have enriched our vocabulary bank with new sets of spelling words which include long o sounds (home, hope, rose, woke, those, bone, hose, joke, rode, stone). We also acquired new spelling words that were mainly long u words (huge, June, rule, tube, use, cube, cute, flute, rude, mule), and some high frequency words including; there, together, water and under. We have learned about proper ways to write the day, months and holidays, and also nouns that need an s to convert to its plural form. We have also shared some stories in the class like “The Big Circle” and “Life in the Forest” which is about how animals work together to survive and about the importance of plants and animals to each other.


We had a fun week of Math since we celebrated our Math Week. We did a math parade every morning followed by different fun math activities in our classroom. In first grade we had Math About Me (math facts about ourselves), a domino addition math game, a review of the numbers 1-100 card game, and also a math scavenger human hunt where we solved math problems to find out which person we are looking for. We also learned strategies for subtraction facts, counting backwards, using a number line, using doubles to subtract, number sentences and fact families. We have had fun doing our Mad Minute (30 math facts that they need to answer in a minute).

In addition we learned how to and identify different solid shapes like cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, and rectangular prism. Using a Venn diagram we learned to sort solid objects based on its characteristics in order to identify their differences and similarities. We made a building tower using different solid shapes.

I am encouraging our dear parents to further supervise and support your child at home. It is important that we monitor our children’s progress not only at school but even in our homes. We will let you know more of our lessons and activities as we progress through the upcoming trimester. Once again, thank you for entrusting the academic growth and development of your child with us.


Ms. JoycepastedGraphic_4.png

Grade 1/2

Students have wrapped up Chapter 3 in math, which focused on place value and numbers to 100. Second Grade participated in review activities with the final activity being a Chapter 3 trivia competition. As they worked as a team, they were able to teach and review the concepts we learned with each other. I would encourage students to continue to practice skip counting and place value as they will come in handy with our next chapter of Mental Math. We have started Chapter 4: Mental Math and I hope students will practice some mental math over the next week.

In Language Arts, we’ve continued our discussion on Realism and Fantasy. Last week, students were able to act out again with the drama BremenTown Musicians. Students continue to work in small groups focusing on reading comprehension. We are completing our unit on nouns this week where students have learned about plural nouns that change spelling and possessive nouns. Students showed off their vocabulary knowledge by using their vocabulary words in their creative writing. Continued practice of reviewing vocabulary words, searching for them in text, and putting them to practice in writing, will help to build up their knowledge and understanding of these words.

We were very lucky in Science to have a nice breezy day for Second Grade to fly their kites. They did a fantastic job making their kites, and enjoyed being able to fly them. Students used an anemometer and wind vane to help find the best position to fly their kite. Lucky for them, they didn’t have to do much running. We have finished our unit on Air and Weather; with the knowledge, tools, and understanding of this unit, Second Grade is on track to becoming future meteorologists. Please encourage them to practice the skills they have learned from time to time. Whether it is predicting the weather, finding the wind speed, or making their own experiment; I am sure they have a lot of knowledge to share with you.

Thanks for working hard with your child this trimester!

Ms. Nicole

Grade 3

Dear Parents/Guardians!

The students repeated the topics of Section A in Chapter 2 (addition properties, relating addition and subtraction, how to find math rules or patterns) in Mathematics. After the re-cap, the students learned how to break apart numbers with mental math. Further, they learned how to use tens to add, to estimate sums, and how to underestimate and overestimate with mental math.

In Language Arts, the students focused on Grammar. They have learned the differences between commands and exclamations, common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, as well as the difference between simple and compound sentences. They also learned what irregular plural nouns are and how to spell them. In order to be able to improve the students’ writing skills, they have learned how to write a two-point expository paragraph. The students continued the Wordly Wise Workbook and studied the vocabulary for Lesson 5. The students will be assessed on their vocabulary knowledge of Lessons 1 to 5 for the end of the trimester. Furthermore, the students continued their reading log about Flat Stanley’s adventurous safari in Africa and continued to read every day after recess. In a small assessment, the students showed how their spelling skills improved over time.

In Social Studies, the students created amazing posters about Ancient Egypt. They have learned the skills of how to perform in front of their classmates and what is important when they create posters. Their teamwork skills were challenged during this assignment but at the end the outcome was excellent. After their poster project, the students will finish the topic of Ancient Egypt by looking at the significance of Ancient Egypt in modern life. This will help the students to understand why learning about this place is important.

Ms. Magda

Grades 4/5

Fourth and fifth graders have been working very hard! They have been practicing their times tables doing mad minutes three times a week. They have to complete 100 multiplication facts in five minutes! Fourth graders now understand the relationship between multiplication and division and are able to write and solve word problems using those operations. Fifth graders are working on longer divisions that include decimals. It has been a challenge but they are trying very hard to become experts!

In Language Arts, the students have been working every week in learning new vocabulary words using their Wordy Wise books. They have been also writing sentences and creating stories using those words. They have also started their second chapter books for literature circle. Some are reading, “Is There a Cure For… Chocolate Fever” while others are reading, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and a third group is reading the novel, “A Long Walk to Water” which is based on a true story. Every week they read two chapters and do activities to develop their comprehension and writing skills.

In Science, the students have been doing weekly experiments that explain the changes in water. They have been focusing on evaporation and condensation through hands on experiments in teams. They will soon be ready to show what they have learned in a formal assessment.

Ms. Ercel

Middle School


It’s been quite a trimester. So much has happened. Lots of Math and Science has been covered with many interesting discussions in between.

Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3.

Course 1: The past two weeks have been all about Decimals which leads to Scientific Notation culminated with a detail study of Fractions. Students should have a good understanding of estimation, and comparing and rounding of decimals. Scientific Notation was well received but definitely a step out of their comfort zones for some and worth a review. After addition and subtraction of fractions we should be moving along promptly to multiplication and division thereof.

Course 2: It turns out GCF and LCM needed to be revised so we spent some extra time focusing on it over a couple of days. This was especially necessary since a good grounding in these concepts were essential moving forward. The same can be said about Prime Factorization. With the additional work in these areas, students were definitely better prepared when we got to equivalent fractions and lowest terms. Likewise, comparing and ordering fractions became a lot less challenging and all the subsequent work with fractions made a lot more sense, namely, converting between fractions and decimals, estimating fractions and mixed numbers as well as adding and subtracting fractions.

Course 3: After we moved on from Functions the students reverted to their default approach to math, having realized they just needed to continue to take every lesson in their stride. This was perfect timing with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing equations next on the list, which they had no problems with. They moaned and groaned when we had to study the metric system but seeing its usefulness enabled them to push through and move onto the next challenge. This came in the form of a lesson on various strategies they could apply to solve different kinds of problems, encouraging them to think outside of the box. They ended all of this with a chapter evaluation.


In-depth course summaries were written in preparation for their Investigation I-Check Test. In addition, students were required to submit their “Master Piece” (notebook) for grading which was checked particularly for their notes on Jennifer Clack. As we reached the end of our first investigation students became quite excited to know if the next part of our course would be just as informative. Having moved on to an introduction to Genetics in a very subtle way students still don’t know what to make of this new chapter but remain keenly interested. We did a lot of consolidation and this should ensure everyone has a good grasp of what has been studied so far.

Mr. Faldi

Greetings from the middle school humanities department.  Our students have completed their first trimester and will be gearing up for the second.  In English Language Arts, the students will continue to develop their writing and reading analysis skills. Course 1 and 2 Social Studies students are continuing their examination on the role of identity in history. Course 3 Social Studies students are still examining the “Middle Ages” but have transitioned to Asian empires. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Mr. Schilling

High School

Students in High School French 2 finished working on their unit 2 evaluation, first project, as well as on their test. They did well. They are now starting to work on unit 3.

In High School French 1, students are having their evaluation on unit 2. They will submit their test and project 1 by next week and start working on unit 3.

Mr. Barry


After a nice week of rest, the high school students can look forward to some busy weeks to follow.  Here’s what is on the agenda for when they get back.

Business Math: Budgeting and Buying: metric conversions, budgets and sales, sales extensions, cost comparisons

Geometry: Congruent Triangles: proving triangle congruency, solving triangle problems, using postulates to test congruency, applying properties of isosceles and equilateral triangles

AP Calculus:  Applications of Derivatives: tangent and normal lines, position, velocity and acceleration, related rates, relative extrema and the first derivative test

Entrepreneurship: Protecting, Managing and Growing your Business: legal issues, insurance, managing expenses, credit and cash flow, challenges of growth

Eleventh Grade English: The Civil War Era of the United States: slave narratives, political speeches and presidential addresses, personal accounts of the war

I anticipate that the students will enjoy the upcoming vacation (I’m sure they will), and I hope they return revitalized and rested.


Mr. Chidester

High School Math & Science

Advanced Algebra: We are currently learning about quadratic equations and the various ways we can manipulate parabolas.

Anatomy & Physiology: The students in this course just finished learning about the incredible complexity of the special senses and are now learning about the endocrine system.

Psychology: The students just took the unit 3 evaluation and did very well on it. We are now learning all about the process of remembering–how we remember things, what memories are (biologically), how we can misremember things, etc.

Chemistry: Students are learning about the different types of bonding between atoms–we have covered ionic bonds, metallic bonds, and we are currently learning about covalent bonds.

Freshman Health: The students took their progress test this week covering 6 chapters ranging from various topics in physical, mental, and emotional health.

Ms. Montgomery

Hello Parents,

It is SAT time again for our 11th and 12th graders. Please remember to have your child at the US Embassy BEFORE the scheduled time. If they are late they will forfeit their test fee and will NOT be allowed entrance to the exam. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is unacceptable. I cannot stress this point enough. Your students have worked very hard for the coming SAT and it would be a shame if they weren’t allowed entrance to the exam.

The semester will be over soon, so it is especially important that your child is getting a good night of sleep in order for them to maximize their time here at school. Also, the climate is cooling off and many of our students are starting to get sick. If your child is sick, please make sure they get plenty of rest and do not send them to school.

Thank you,

Mr. Porras


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